Visual Storyteller

My name is Nisha J. Dent , some call what I do visual design, I call it storytelling. Stories communicate to a wide audience from all ages with the ability to provoke different emotions. Since childhood storytelling has always been apart of me. I always found myself daydreaming of my own little world, filled with animated characters, vibrant colors and corky humor. Into adulthood I’ve held onto this ability and matured it into a skill set. My skill sets consist of strategic storytelling and brand identity. With these skills I’ve captured the ability to form imaginative ideas, vibrant color palettes, systematic thinking and clear visual communication through numerous platforms.

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  • 360 Branding
  • User Interface Design
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Fila Lifestyle Micro Site Case Study

For years FILA hasn’t been able to overcome strong competitors such as Nike and Reebok. I have created a vibrant and engaging microsite that resonates with a young and fresh audience.

Global Fusion Festival Campaign

The 2012 Global Fusion Festival was an exciting time for good music and family. My role in this campaign was creating the ‘Rhapsody’ logo and art direction on various print platforms.

Morton Salt Household Tips Microsite Case Study

While maintaining the integrity of the Morton Salt brand, I’ve created a micro-site that demonstrates different ways of using Morton Salt products.

Philly Family Reunion Brand Identity

Philly Family Reunion is a mobile application for planning reunions. I created an identity for the brand by embodying the soulful essence of Philly.

LeapFrog Email Marketing Case Study

This email marketing campaign will be used to increase product sales by creating awareness of childhood development and providing discount incentives.

Victoria’s Kitchen Logo Identity

Food brings love and happiness to people! My role in this project was to create a logo identity that embrace the simple flavors of food prepared at Victoria’s Kitchen.

Dowload A PDF of My Work